A Rap Anthem For Every Lover Scorned… A Very Comical And Entertaining Track For The Hip Hop Community.. Funny But Not Funny

I stumbled across a track from an artist I was familiar with who I found out about years ago. I was trying to find one of his old songs called “Somebody”. I use to be in love with that song by Jay Lewis. You can download “Somebody” for free on some places on the internet.. But anyway after I found the song I was looking for, I decided to see what other new music he had out that I had not heard before and so I came across one of his songs called “I Hope” on Spotify.. I was interested in listening to it from the jump because the single cover was in the image of Popeyes Chicken and I love Popeyes so I was very curious of what I was about to be listening to.. Once I heard the song I was shocked out my mind. It was funny up until I heard about rape. It’s really not cool to wish rape on anybody but other than that, the song was cool and it had my head bobbing nonstop. I can’t really judge him expressing his feelings in his lyrics because music is about expressing how you feel and being real. If that’s how he feels then this is how he feels.. This track is by far the funniest rap song I’ve ever heard in my life and I’ve made this the official “Lovers Scorned Anthem” of the Groove Hot 100 Rap & RnB Blog.

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